Working with Angles to Facilitate Healing – Part 3

Working with Angles to Facilitate Healing – Part 3
Posted by on Feb 19, 2015

Gratitude books are a wonderful way to raise your vibration. Using positive words, thoughts, and emotions strengthen your auric fields while raising your vibration and attracting angelic light. Continue to record positive, joyful, inspiring moments in your life. Angel Cards are a fun and creative way to enhance the relationships with your angels. They come in many different packs that provide key words that help you focus on a particular aspect of your inner life. Creating an Angel Alter offers a Spiritual grounding space in which to express you. Most Alters are built with items that have meaning to you, inspired by the angels and that will help you be mindful of the aspects of your life you are seeking to harmonize.

Writing to your angels is very effective in healing deep emotional issues, purging anger, and problems that you are not sure what to do with. With an open heart, write all of your detailed concerns then do not read and burn it. If you are having issues around anger or refuse to forgive, look and see what it is within yourself that is being triggered and why it is bothering you. It is best to do this in an objective way so that you may learn the lesson, heal and let go and not judge, feel negative emotions and eventually have physical manifestation of disease. Acknowledge what you are truly feeling about that person’s behavior then consciously choose to release the burden of carrying those emotions and let go “I release all suffering over this situation” and visualize the person you need to forgive surrounded in angelic light. Connecting with Angels during your dreams is an excellent way to gain knowledge, banish nightmares, raise vibrational rates, and visit spiritual homes of the archangels, sacred sites and temples. Channeling is another way to receive loving information from your angels. Building a strong relationship with your personal guardian angel based on mutual trust and respect will enhance the loving and supportive dynamics between you both as well as make it easier for you to channel other beings.

Angels can be perceived by anyone from the skilled intuitive medium or energy healer to the lay person and observed with any of our senses if we choose to validate the signs all around us in our daily lives. Often we are too busy in our day- to-day lives to pay attention to the little signs and ways that our angels communicate with us. If we as a collective whole were to start everyday with meditation and communicating with our angels, we would be more aware of the synchronicities around us, we can develop a greater sense of peace. Angelic presence can often be perceived as an increased surge of calming peaceful loving feeling that comes over you, sweet taste may occur, ethereal sounds, feelings of physical healing, a sudden change in the room temperature the air tingles around you or a rush of air down your spine, colored lights appear, feeling angel wings enfolding you or hands touching you.

Angels communicate to us in various ways such as through our intuitive thoughts and feelings, while others may see angels or their auric colors, and others will hear their soft angelic voices. During other times, more stressful busy times, they may utilize angel calling cards for anyone who is open and willing to see. These signs are there for a specific reason in your life, be it to assist in a decision, help comfort you, or give you conformation. Once you begin to follow these signs, you show the angelic realm that you are open and receptive for more, which encourages them to continue. Angels use the heavenly bodies of moisture we call clouds to communicate with us because they are easily shaped and beautiful to behold. Feathers are the ultimate angel sign. When you find a feather, stop and validate what you were thinking about, the angels are giving confirmation to the question, thoughts, or situation you were just thinking or worrying about. They can appear anywhere and often found in unique places.

Music is frequently used to communicate because our minds find it easy to process. It is easy to access since we often have music playing in the background in various settings. Angels love to sing and when we are in joy, which occurs a lot when humans sing. When you are hearing repeating songs, songs with the word angel it is most it is most always from above (Virtue, 2009). Finding Pennies from heaven have specific relevance to you, your path, including the time, and place you found the coin, the material it is made of, and anything written on it. Coins are a reminder of universal abundance and the angels know we like to feel supported emotionally, spiritually, physically, and financially. Though most people find pennies, Carol states she always finds dimes on her path (Reyan, 2014). Rainbows just like angels have been associated with Gods love, support, and protection. When a rainbow appears as the response to your question or situation, it is symbolic that the angels are taking care of the entire situation and for you to let go and allow the angels to direct things the way they are meant to be. Direct verbal communication is utilized to reduce miscommunication, distinguish angelic guidance from our judgments and interpretations.

Angels will frequently communicate through our internal mind, though they will speak audibly in cases of impending emergency or increased stress. A very common communication pattern is through the use of numbers. Number sequences are repeating patterns appearing in various places such as clocks, license plates, receipts, buildings, or anywhere you can imagine (2009, January 1). These numbers and their patterns are discovered so randomly yet are strategically implemented to deliver messages of guidance, comfort, conformation and inspiration (Figure 4). No matter how the angels send signs to you, they will choose what is best at that moment to deliver their love, support, protection and message. They are here to help us stay true to ourselves and on our path so we can learn the lessons we came here to learn for our evolutionary soul growth. Understanding the various ways in which angels communicate can be developed to enhance our compass on this path to self –alliance. We can utilize these various ways of communications to raise universal consciousness through simple daily recognition, validation of signs, continuing to open from the heart, and communicating from the heart.



000 Zero’s mean you and your energy are one with Spirit or the Universe. It can also mean you are dealing with a void in your life.
111 One’s are dealing with an energetic flow for the manifestation issues as well as thought patterns. It reminds you to pay more attention to your thoughts!
222 Two’s are telling you to have faith and expect the outcome that you wanting a particular situation. It also means the process of Spiritual Ascension.
333 Three’s are a decision number reminding you to take a moment to reflect.
444 Four’s mean that you are being surrounded by angelic energy.
555 Five’s mean change is coming, a shift for the better, allow the process to occur and welcome it with open arms.
666 Six’s are relating to the physical and material world and of things being out of balance regarding them and your thought processes.
777 Seven’s mean for you to keep your eyes and ears open as your manifestations integrate within your life.
888 Eight’s are symbolic of the infinite energy fields around you and that the endings and beginnings are near and to allow those transitions to be smooth
999 Nine’s are a spiritual occurrence for us to strengthen our belief, faith and expectations in life.
1010 Ten’s are the Alpha and Omega numbers that show us the creation process unfolding in our lives.
1111 Eleven’s mean signifies that an energetic gateway has opened up for you, and this will rapidly manifest your thoughts into your reality.
1212 Twelve’s mean guidance from angelic and spiritual realm is surrounding you to help change, improve, and better an area of your life you are focused on.

Figure 4.

 End of Part 3

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