Working with Angelic Beings to Facilitate Healing – Part 1

Working with Angelic Beings to Facilitate Healing – Part 1
Posted by on Feb 5, 2015

Angels have been referenced amongst most religions throughout the times. The Earliest Recorded documentations of such winged beings came form the world’s oldest religion Zoroastrianism in 1700 BCE (Raven, 2006). Angels are very important throughout Christianity, as messengers of God in the Old Testament, and are present for all of the major events in Jesus’ life. They are a common thread throughout several religions such as Judaism, Muslim, Buddhist, Hinduism, Celtic, Egyptian and Mormons (Raven, 2006). Though their views may differ based on religions orientation, nature of the Angels and their duties, however they are all in agreement to their belief that they exist. The Bible alone holds over 600 references (Browne, 2003).

Angels “Messengers of God” are divine obedient beings whose duty is to freely give their divine essence of love and light to GOD while obeying cosmic law. They are supernatural beings, with their sole purpose to assist humans and serve God. They have are pure Divine beings, egoless, they have not lived on Earth, well most of them have not, rare for there to have been a previous incarnated angel. They are often thought to have wings, halos, harps, wear white, and are always felt to be protective, loving and healing to all. They do not speak, but communicate telepathically. Also, they remain in a state of pure uncompromised devotion and will not experience, sadness, frowning, crying, laughter, smiling and keep to themselves exuding love wherever they go (Browne, 2000). Interacting and communicating with Angels and Archangels is easy since they are so close to the earth. They are a gift from God as the Divine plan for peace, therefore we honor them and work with them, not worship them.

Angels can manifest in any way they choose, they can be seen in the way of sparks of color, through utilizing animals, whatever they choose given the situation, but typically they choose human form while the other human may never know they were in the presence of an Angel (Webster, 2007). There are ten different phyla or levels of angels and with each angel type there are specific functions and purposes associated with each. Figure 1.

Each Angel has a specific totem, or representative animal in Shamanism. This totem is an animal the angel is sympathetic to and can be associated with the characteristics of that animal. They can appear to you in the form of that animal or manipulate the animal’s energy to appear and speak to you if needed. The Element that associated with an angel is another way to identify which angel or level. For example if that Archangels had rain as their element; you could utilize or visualize water in healing as it cleans, washes away imbalances.

Angels also have corresponding gemstones that not only symbolize what the phylum resonates to, but it will take on the power of that phylum (Browne, 2003). When I am giving spiritual readings I am able to see the various Archangels and their associated gemstones, and through spirit communications and my knowledge of gemstones, I facilitate and empower individuals to heal themselves with the use of their angels.

Angel wings and their color differences are to differentiate angels from among themselves and other entities, spirit guides, and loved ones who have crossed over. Their wings are symbolic of their comforting, protecting and enfolding us in their love, as well as their speed.


ANGELS-1 Seagull Sun Pearl White,Silver tip Protectors,PersonalGuardian


ARCHANGELS-2 Wolf Rain Aqua-Marine White,Blue tip Messengers,Carry green scepter of healing Hope
CHERUBIM-3 Canary Music Quartz White,Rose tip Joyous singers,Healing, 4 faces, man, ox, 4 wings, keepers of celestial records Insomnia, Spiritual Leaders of Heaven, Divine Knowledge
SERAPHIM-4 Canary Music Quartz White, rose tip Joyous vibration/Tones, healing, 6 wings, 6 heads, closest to GOD, tall Dreams,Love ofCosmos,

Most Powerful

POWERS-5 Falcon Moon Emerald White, greenish white tip Healers- electric & magnetic emanation, warrior Angels, Guardians between Heaven and Earth Peace, assist those who govern others
CARRIONS-6 Raven Wind Opal White,orange tint Carriers of dark entities Fate
VIRTUES-7 Dove Water Silver Silver,pale blue tip Helpers-charts, Govern Nature/ Seasons Morals, courage, grace
DOMINIONS-8 Cougar Earth Blood-stone White, maroon tint Oversees good, records deeds for life review. Leadership, manager of Angels Strength,Presides over Nations, order, Discipline
THRONES-9 Elephant Air Gold PurplishWhite Azna’s (Mother God’s) Army- the highest/ most elevated/ carry out justice Fertility, protect Children, animals,Teach humility, banish darkness
PRINCIPALITIES-10  Lion Fire Sapphire Gold Om’s(Father God’s)Army- Guardians of the Gate, Sentinels, Administration, work w/Guardian Angels Justice,Intellect

Figure 1. (Browne, 2003)(Virtue, 2011)

We each have one, two Guardian Angels assigned to us for our lifetime to protect and assist us, whether we are aware of it or not. Our Guardian Angels will communicate through our intuition, ideas, dreams, others, our environment, and other ways given the situation. They will assist in inspiring, healing, protecting, guiding and communicating to us, other Angels and God. Other angels will come around us throughout our lifetime depending on the challenges and struggles we are facing, and anytime we ASK. We are given free will and if we do not ask for their assistance, they will not intervene. However, if we do ASK, whether verbally or silently, for their assistance, they will act swiftly. As we work with these Angelic beings, it is important to be respectful. It is important that we “Ask “ for their assistance from a place within of love, humility, and trust. Angels are eager and waiting to assist humans on our journey though their ability to fulfill our request can be limited I it is not in your highest good or if it interferes with another’s free will. They are not our servants, they are Gods servant and messenger, and they do not have free will and cannot interfere with ours (Raven, 2006).

End of Part 1

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